grill hood cleaning service Commonwealth Hood Service has provided Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning service for over 25 Years, specializing in nursing homes, personal care homes, retirement homes, schools, prisons and other institutions. We offer the best combination of professional cooking ventilation cleaning service with excellent pricing.

Our Business Practices:
  • We will expertly remove excess soot and grease from the hood and duct system in a neat and efficient manner. This takes about 1.5 hrs. We have continually satisfied the requirements recommended by Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia Nursing Home State Inspectors. See Cleaning Services for more information.

  • We will work to suit your schedule. The cleaning service usually starts immediately after the evening meals, typically around 6:30 PM.

  • We document the service for State Inspectors. This involves placing a date of service sticker on each system and a letter of service when required.

  • Our current geographic area of service is South Central Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and Delaware.
Pennsylvania, DC, Delaware Maryland, Virginia travel area
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